Sunday, July 18, 2010

Korea Update

Believe it or not, by this time next week we will be living in Korea! 

How are we doing?  Pretty well, actually.  We all have tickets and passports.  Brent and I have our Visas.  We're almost caught up on our bills and tying the loose ends with insurance, phones, forwarding address, etc.  We had a successful garage sale which cleared us of much of our stuff and furniture (the kids have been sleeping on the floor for a week.)  My Prius is sold.  An hour ago we had someone looking at the Outlander, so perhaps that will sell.  My brother-in-law may end up using the TV (still for sale, though!)  We've got most of the bags packed and most of the boxes for storage packed.  We have yet to make a trip to my folks to place some things in storage. 

As far as preparations on the other end goes, we now have email addresses at our new school.  (I've even received 2 emails from students in AP English Literature.)  AND we have an apartment!   It's a 3-bedroom that should be about 1100 square feet.  Not too bad!  Write to me on facebook or at my email if you'd like the address.

The good-byes continue.  It has been wonderful seeing so many friends and family "one last time" before next summer.  What a joy it has been!  We hold you in our hearts.  I'm so glad I've been collecting pictures and video to remind us of the ones we love.

If you are on Skype, please look me up by first.last name.  Once we are back online in our apartment, we'll try to keep Skype running when we are home in case you'd like to call.  Remember, we'll be 15 hours ahead of Central Standard Time.

For those of you who are curious we'll be flying from GB to Chicago then directly to Seoul.  The flight to Seoul is direct from Chicago and about 13.5 hours, ugh!

Now, for more packing. . . .

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  1. It's 7:44 on Saturday morning and I am thinking about you guys, praying for you and missing you! We anxiously await the first installment when you get to Korea! go with God! Jane Lapinskas


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