Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bad weather makes for flight delay

Airport at 7:15 AM Saturday
at the counter with Marlin from UA

Marlin: Passports, please.
Me: Sure.  We're headed for Seoul.
Marlin: No you're not.  That flight has been cancelled.
Me: (expletive)

2 hours later still at Austin Straubel Airport, 14 bags checked, extra luggage fee paid, and new flights secured.

Marlin: So, we've got you booked on the same flights for tomorrow.
Me:  Thanks so much for your help!

So, we said good-byes to my parents this morning in a different circumstance than we expected.
But as homeless people with no car and 4 carry-ons to our name, we needed a place to land for 24 hours.  Thanks to Brent's cell still working, we were able to call his friend John who graciously picked up the 4 vagabonds to hang out with them for the day.

Next problem, how to contact our welcoming committee that we would be late.  Thanks to a conversation earlier this week with someone who texts their friend internationally, I suggested to Brent that we try texting our contact.  Can you believe it worked?  He texted the update, and although the time difference put that at about 12:30 at night, he instantly received a reply from Lisa in Korea.  Technology ROCKS!   All is well.

On a side note, what a joy it has been to see so many of you these last weeks and days.  Again, I feel so incredibly blessed to have such marvelous people in our lives.

Anyone reading this today (July 24), feel free to call Brent's cell as we are "adrift" today with no agenda (and no car.)

Next blog will likely be from Korea. . . provided we don't run into more delays!

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