Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mr. Toilet House

Me: What shall we do today?
Anna: Let's go to the Toilet Museum!
Me: Sure, let's.  Call up your friend and let's grab a cab and go!

1 hour later. . .

The girls were squatting over "squatter" statuary.
We were being grossed out by the life-size bronze statue with the hanging gold poo. . .

Thinking over how strange this place was. . . 

And really glad we found the largest golden poo ever!

Unfortunately we didn't get to see an actual arial view of the museum, constructed as a toilet.  But the interior view was plenty!

And to TOP it OFF, we saw the first annual Humorous Poo contest entries which covered the second floor.

I've never seen so much fake poo in all my life.
Thank you Mr. Toilet, AKA former Mayor of Suwon and Chairman of the World Toilet Association for a fun day.

Now for more serious matters, Mr. Jack Sim is now deceased, but he spent his life seeking to improve the circumstances of the poor who lack proper sanitation.  You may enjoy this short film on the internet: