Sunday, February 28, 2010

Music in My Life

Recently I've had the privilege of listening to a lot of good music in a matter of days. This has gotten me thinking about music in my life. A week ago I went to see Brigadoon at Notre Dame. I'm not real familiar with the show so I wasn't overly excited to see it, but I always enjoy the NDA musicals and this was my last one, so I went. I went alone because that's the way it worked out. I was fortunate enough to sit with my good friend Angelo, so all worked out. But what a treat to enter the world of Brigadoon with the talented singers and dancers and musicians at NDA. Chris Gray, a fellow staff member, played bagpipes beautifully. The singers were right on the money and the dancing was incredible! Musical theater has been in my life as long as I can remember! (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) Then two days ago I ended up at a concert in Appleton seeing my favorite Christian singer/songwriter Mark Schultz. Point of Grace was touring with him on the Come Alive! tour. This was the first stop on their spring leg of the tour. My fourth time to see Mark Schultz. Here, the experience was entirely different. Again I ended up alone at the show (with 500-600 others in attendance) and sitting by Dennis? who bought me a water. Anyhow, I love Mark Schultz's music and voice and piano playing. For me his music helps me reconnect with my soul and my God. What a renewal! I find this to be true every time I hear him or listen to his music. Of course I bought 2 more CD's and managed to get autographs this time as well as a picture with him on my phone! (But that is another story.) In this case, music was a spiritual experience. The following night (last night) I was able to see live, local talent in two establishments in Green Bay. One, a male vocalist/guitarist with a clipped style but a diverse reperatoire from Buffet to Pop to rock to Latin. Next place (Smokehouse) a man and woman couple, smooth vocals and guitars, clear tones, sweet and soothing. Perfect to tune in to or chat to. Altogether I must have listened to music last night for 5 hours! What a joy in my life? What would I do without it? And now I'm off to church. The kids and I will be listening to His Way, an ecumenical group in Green Bay that Brent has just joined. What kind of experience will it be?

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