Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beginnings come from endings

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. T.S. Eliot

Anyone reading this blog already knows our upcoming endings and beginning. We'll be leaving Green Bay and heading for S. Korea. It doesn't getting any more "new beginning" than that!
We've known this new truth for several months already. This is a good thing; it's like having a baby - having several months to prepare is a GOOD thing.

What's been done: we've sold our house, resigned our jobs, found new ones, begun sorting and storing our stuff, and applied for passports.
What's being done: I'm training the new IB Coordinator, we're deciding what to do with our dog, our TV, our cars, and our stuff (what goes with us, gets stored with family or in a pod, or gets sold or given away). We're gathering our Visa documents, communicating with KIS, and waiting for passports to arrive. I'm working on learning some Korean.
What's left to do: Completing the shutting down of the our US home and my job, getting our AP training, having a bunch of summer fun, and saying our good byes.

And this is where the reflective element of a blog comes into play. . . .
Saying Good-byes
I've said good-bye before. I've said good-bye at 2 (I don't remember that) at 7 (I barely remember that) at 15 (that was the hardest one) at 18 (smooth transition to college) at 22 (hardest thing in my life - to say good bye to my friend Marsha who passed away) at 22 (exhilarating summer in France on my own and then off to start a career - all went well) at 26 (again, smooth transition to Green Bay and married life) and again at 37 (good bye to couplehood and hello to parenthood - also more smoothly that I anticipated). So, I've gone through this "endings lead to beginnings" or "beginnings are rooted in endings" thing enough to know that everything will be alright. THIS TIME I'll actually have my family with me (as in my husband and kids). Yes, I'll be leaving behind co-workers and friends - but those who are meant to be a part of my life will continue to be a part of my life. I have lots of friends that span space and time - change doesn't always bring an end to friendships. Yes, I'll be leaving behind my language, culture, and community - but I've done that before and found it exciting and enriching to learn another culture and use another language. Yes, I'll be leaving behind family - but I've done that before and one thing I know is that MY family is always available to me, even at a distance (thanks to today's technologies!) Yes, I'll be leaving behind security - but I've done that before, too, and at this time in my life, I'm ready to mix it up a bit.

So. . . I'm not feeling too intimidated by the endings. In part, because I do KNOW that endings lead to new beginnings!

And so, this blog is a new beginning, as well. I've never written a blog before! I hope this is one of many. I hope to get into somewhat of a habit now so that when we get to Korea I can keep you all updated on our lives and what we are living and learning.

God Bless,


  1. What an awesome idea! I love your writing Brenda! Truly a gift that you are so kind to share with us. I will miss you all, but I am sooooo excited for the new adventures that are to come your way! You will always and forever be in our prayers and I can't wait to keep reading. So.... when is the 1st going away party? :)

    Patty Stangel

  2. B,
    I feel like I have shared some beginnings and endings with you also...being my mentor as I began my career as an educator 12 years ago; the portfolio team; working on our master's degrees (together and apart); writing, presenting, and publishing; being the movingvanstackerguy, for a number of moves :)...and being friends now for a bit of time. Thank You!!!!!


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