Saturday, March 6, 2010


What is the function of Saturday? Of the four people in our house, there are four different ideas. Of course mine is the right one. My ideal Saturday? (An all about "me" view). First, sleep in until 8 AM, make a nice family breakfast of eggs or pancakes, take Boomer out to the Park to let him run while I get fresh air and a good walk in. Come back, do some house cleaning with the family so it only takes an hour or two. Then a bit of an easy lunch and spend the afternoon out and about with the family -something fun and active. This is perfect for LEAP at Lambeau (inflatables and a climbing wall like last weekend when Anna made the newspaper climbing the wall) or the Circus, or Building for Kids, or a park with the kids, a nice walk or bikeride somewhere, maybe the Y for some family swim time. . . In the evening, a nice night out with my husband for dinner and music or a show of some sort. Home around 10 or 11. All is well.

Anna's ideal Saturday. Wake at 6 AM (earlier than weekdays) in order to watch 3 hours of TV before anyone realizes it while at the same time inventing something or sewing or cutting something. Eat a quick breakfast (doesn't matter what it is). Stay in pajamas as long as possible. Have some sort of candy on or before 10 AM. Play on the computer for an hour or play Wii for an hour. By 11:30 though, she'd want to be "doing something fun" somewhere other than home. This could be Building for Kids in Appleton, the Circus, a farmer's market or flea market, shopping somewhere like the Dollar Tree, School House or Walmart, a fabric store, a day at Pamperin Park, or 5 or 6 different activities. Lunch out (at a Chinese restaurant or Noodles and Co., probably) and dinner out (somewhere nice as a sit down dinner or a buffet) would be great. Then home for a movie to snuggle up with the family. Notice there is NO CLEANING (she doesn't like to do chores), NO reading and involved and LOTS of media time and lots of ACTIVITIES. Bedtime about 8:30 with "favorite part of the day." (This paragraph was Anna-approved.)

Alec's ideal Saturday. Waking up at 7 and spending the morning in pajamas (certainly NOT showering) on computer games or Wii. After about 10 he'd like a sweet snack (say a cookie or brownie), then play with Anna indoors or outdoors. Some sort of lunch anywhere (if eating out - McDonalds). Doing some fun activities (at home or out-and-about) would make up the afternoon, things like going to a park, doing sandart or word searches, going to a birthday party, or hulahooping. After supper (whereever, whenever) some snuggling with Mommy, Daddy, or Boomer and a movie at home and to bed by 8:30 (after a few books and a prayer). Notice again NO chores. (This paragraph has been Alec-approved).

Brent's ideal Saturday. He'd like to sleep until 8:30 or 9, go out for breakfast somewhere with the family then home to get a bit of straightening done. Laid back morning into early afternoon (no lunch necessary since he would have eaten a big breakfast). By afternoon, off to the Y to workout/do some lifting. Late afternoon, come home and have a quiet nap. By the evening he'd want to be taking out his wife for dinner and maybe a movie. Home around 9 or 10. Late night TV until bedtime. (This has not been Brent approved, but seeing as he's spending all morning at church for rehearsal and potentially all afternoon with Spirit Alive, I'm pretty sure his ideal Saturday includes lots of "chilling.")

Finally, Boomer's ideal day. A fun run in the woods in the morning with Mom, chasing anything he can smell, then breakfast, scraps from the table, then a long afternoon rest, and another long walk or run in the late afternoon. He'd want the whole family together in the same place at the same time for the whole day. Another meal and snacks, a bit of tummy rubbing from any of the family members, no torturing by any of the kids, and he's a happy "puppy." Bedtime at 9:30.


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