Friday, July 10, 2015

"My husband is Otterbox"

June 12th

An anecdote.

I am on my usual morning walk around Red Hill.  I have my phone in hand, earbuds in listening to a book.  During my walk I leave our lovely 3 bedroom apartment to stroll past much larger and expensive condominiums overlooking the South China Sea on the southern part of Hong Kong Island.  Perhaps it is only here in this neighborhood that my story can take place.

As I said, I was walking with my phone in hand when a black Mercedes past me, slowed and stopped.  Seeing a Mercedes is not unusual, but seeing one stop and having a woman get out and approach me is.  She wore expensive yoga clothes and carried a small box in her hand.

"Hello," she began.  "I noticed you are carrying your phone and don't have an armband."  

"That's true," I said, puzzled.

"Oh.  Have you heard of Otterbox?"


"Well," she said, "my husband is Otterbox and we are promoting our latest product, an armband for phones and iPods.  Would you like one?"  She held out the small box.

"Sure!  Thank you very much," I stuttered.

"No problem," she finished, turned and walked to her car to drive away.

My phone is Otterbox?  Only in Hong Kong! 

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