Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mumbai . . . Bombay. . . India! (Thanksgiving Break)

It's everything you've heard.  That is if you have heard the driving is crazy and the people are wonderful.  Or if you've heard that there are random cows that go where they want, including in the road.  Or if you've heard there is wealth and poverty visibly next to each other.  During Thanksgiving Break I had the privilege of travelling to Mumbai (formerly Bombay and still called that by locals) to visit my good friend, who recently moved there.

I got to do a bit of everything - see her prestigious international school, have a driver take me sightseeing, go to an Indian wedding (2 days' worth), eat great food, lounge by the pool and have brunch at an upscale hotel, get mehndi (henna tattoo) on my hand and wear my Sri Lankan saree, meet people from around the world, and talk talk talk to my friend.  Oh, and spend maybe 8 hours on the roads as a passenger experiencing the traffic and road conditions.  I LOVED it, but wouldn't want to drive in it daily.

This was the first trip I took ALONE in a long time!  What a thrill to travel by myself, see my good friend, and just be the "girls" for a long weekend.  As this blog is well overdue, I will let the following pictures tell the tale. Enjoy!
Ready for the wedding reception!

View from the second wedding reception venue.

Installation art in the mall
Close up of the installation art

McDonald is everywhere!

Crazy traffic with no clear lanes

Taj palace

At the Gate of India
Crazy - traffic lights but no clear lanes.


Mehndi on my hand

Side road drama - cow with garbage

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