Sunday, September 23, 2012

When I am six and fifty. . . (a poem)

When I am six and fifty. . . 

When I was six my family lived in the country 
near our church and a graveyard.  
Down the hill was a dairy farm -
cows and chickens and friends my age.  
Days were spent with my older sister, 
mostly swinging or riding my bike 
on the gravel driveway.  
I wrote my first poem then - “Piggy Piggy”

When I was six and ten we lived in small-town Iowa: 
Population 1600.  
I was anxiously awaiting getting my driver’s license, 
hated my wait and worried about friends.
Still, Iloved acting in the plays and musicals, 
and wrote poetry about nature and love and boys.  

When I was six and twenty, I lived in a Swiss-town in Wisconsin.  
Population 10,000.
I loved the thrill of teaching en francais and en englais. 
Best of all, I was deeply in love with the substitute teacher.  
I believed he was “the one” - 
and he was!

When I was six and thirty, I lived in the Promised Land (according to our pastor).  
Population 100,000.
My life had been consumed with love and teaching and church and dogs 
until it became consumed with trying to “have a family.”  
Life was full and empty at the same time.

Now I am six and forty and living near Seoul, Korea.  
Population 10 million plus.
My husband is graying, 
my daughter’s feet are nearly as big as mine.  
My son needs a haircut 
and they both dream of having a cat.  
I swim and bike and do yoga and zumba.
I teach English and learn Korean
and try to make a difference in the lives of N. Korean Refugees.   
I write poetry and teach it and wonder what life will be

When I am six and fifty.

September 23, 2012

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