Wednesday, May 11, 2011



First and foremost, I'm looking forward to hugs with dear family and friends and lots of conversations!

After the dust settles these are some of the things I'd like. . .
Seroogy's Chocolate
Backyard BBQ with local brews
Pool games in Bill's basement
Mom's apple pie
Talk talk talk
Seeing Dad's hummingbirds and the Wisconsin stars out at the cabin
Spring water
Carpet under my feet
Skim milk
My old walk in the woods in Green Bay
Cribbage and 500 with the family
Hearing lots of stories and seeing lots of pictures
Wisconsin black soil and beautiful bluffs
Walking with my sister
Seeing Emily and Kent's new addition
Music in the Park
Going to church at Calvary and taking communion and maybe singing

Gallagher's Pizza
Elegant Moose French food
El Azteca

Tastefully Simple
Ray's pool and JF's pool.
Garden Food - new potatoes!
Good old fashioned Independence Day!
beach days
and lots more hugs and conversation!

5 more weeks, folks!

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