Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2010-2011 Review in 17 Tweets: A Poem

Have arrived in Korea!  We’re very tired.  The apartment is on the 15th floor.  Peanut butter, bread, jelly, milk, and tuna to greet us.
New teacher orientation now.  Began with a scavenger hunt around K--.  What a confusing campus!  We all got MACs!  Kids happily playing all day.
It’s hot and raining.  Hot and raining.  Hotter and raining still.  How much won equals a dollar again?
Balloons dropped on opening teacher inservice day.  What did I get myself into?
I love my classroom, classload and students!  Can’t wait to get to know the staff.  But . . . Kimchi at every meal?  
Chuseok.  What is this thing?  All I know is we got a vacation and ended up in the wrong city.  Apparently Chungju and Cheongju aren’t the same place.
Acclimating to city life with public transportation.  No car for us!  The kids are movie stars.  Everyone wants their picture wherever we go!
Monsoon Day replaces snow day.  Now that’s something I never thought I’d say.
Thanksgiving at K--, just one of many FAMILY experiences here.  I loved the turkey! and the games!  We have an awesome Social Committee!
Boracay was amazing!  New beach.  New good friends.  I think I could get to like 3 weeks off in the winter.  Life is good!
Packers win!  Packers win!  (Why am I not in Wisconsin for this?) Packers Win! (I’m so thankful for the Superbowl Party and CHILI)  Yahoo! Go Pack Go!
I successfully ordered pizza to be delivered to our home.  Thank you NHS Korean teachers!  Comsahamnida!
I’m constantly amazed at the talent and intelligence, drive and politeness of my students.  Best year ever!
Small world!  Since moving to Korea I’ve seen Yunji, Sein, Wayne, and Mary - former students, and Dr. Noble and the Darlings from my alma mater.
Life abroad changes your perspective.  It matters to BE IN Korea and China and the Philippines.  It matters to be so close to Japan.
Book Club, Yoga, Volleyball, Hiking, Rainbow Room, Round Robin Dinner, Christmas with Santa, Easter Egg Hunt, Scavenger Hunt, Korean Folk Village!
Twelve months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed I’d be calling Korea home.  Be here we are.   Coming soon, SUMMER!

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