Sunday, October 10, 2010


Dear Readers,

It is getting harder to think of new things to write. In a way that is a good thing; it means that what was once new and exciting and different at every turn is becoming more normal.

I still have moments of clarity when I say to myself, "Are you kidding? You're in Korea! Far from home living an entirely different life!" I had such a moment last evening. The staff social committee had arranged for a kickball tournament/BBQ Saturday afternoon for all of the staff and their families. We attended. The kickball portion took place on the soccer field. This happens to be a similar spot to the picture on our school's website. For months I saw that picture from that particular angle - with the skyscrapers and mountains in the background and the soccer field and school buildings in the foreground. Well, sitting in the stands watching kickball I had the same view. How odd! To suddenly realize I was living inside that picture! Living it, not just looking at it. In those moments life isn't normal at all. But otherwise, the apartment is feeling even more like home. And routines are in place. We're becoming more accustomed to riding public transportation, bumming rides from friends, shopping for products by the picture only, etc.

Some things still aren't routine - like exercise and working out. I miss my dog and his insistence on walking every day. However, we did take a short hike today in the mountains. It reminded me of walks with Boomer in GB at Ted Fritsch Park. The difference here was that there was much more of an incline. Also, while there were trees along the hike, there was very little undergrowth and no critters! We neither heard nor saw squirrels, chipmunks, snakes or mice. It was quite quiet.

Other things are routine now. I've mentioned them before. School ad work, church and activities with kids. This is all good.

Speaking of kids, our kids were interviewed yesterday. Yes - interviewed. Our school has a media class that posts on our website and youtube. Two students decided to cover adoption as their in-depth story. As I've been quite open about our adopted children, they decided to interview them. It was quite an exciting morning as they asked us all questions and took video of the kids playing outside and in their rooms. In a few days they should have the story posted. Those interested in more can leave a post or email and I'll let you know how to find the final story.

To end, I must say what I am most looking forward to. Those of you from GB will know how much we all love our Seroogy's chocolate. Well, Wayne L. returned home for a bit and I begged him (via Facebook) to bring me some Seroogy's chocolate. And he DID! Now I just have to meet up with him in Seoul and get a hold of it. There's nothing like a taste of home.

As always,

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