Sunday, October 17, 2010

Alec's Blog

Alec has agreed to let me share his emergent writing. He's got a small notepad now that he has carried with him for a few days. He's writing what he thinks. Here's what he says,

"I'm happy today We got money for being good yesterday. We are going to a new park We are going to lotte world. We are having a nice walk We all exersid. We played dogs We are going to apple mall. We are getting a smoothie. We got jenga. We saw a white crane. we're eating out 10/16

"We're going on the subway intill a long time. We are going to suhhun we are in town. We are in Dos tacos. I am getting my third qaseadea. This is good. We cleanned the house. 10/16 We got doughnuts. I got a new balloon dog. we are watching a movie. I got bugs silly bands. 10/16

"We're going to church. I drawed Puke the Pirate island. We are going to Burger King. I am mad at Anna. We ate at Burger King. This is good. We are doing Wii. We are in Ori. We are at Home Plus. We are playing Wii at home with dad."

How could I say it any better?


  1. Way to go Alec. Great sentences and we really get to know what you have been doing. Keep up your blog like your Mom. We really enjoyed reading what you have been doing.


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