Sunday, April 28, 2013

Car elevator - who knew?

I never knew there was such a thing as a car elevator.  But there is.  And now I can say I've driven into one.

Patricia had only told me "there will be parking" at the foot massage place.  I followed her there only to arrive at what looked like a one-stall garage door.  But, it was a car elevator.  I have to admit I pretty much freaked out!  The two other ladies in the car with me got a kick out of my reaction.

So, the door goes up, you drive in, push the floor you want (in this case B3) then the "close door" option.  The door shuts behind you; there is a bit of a jerking sensation and you're off!  The wall in front of you appears to be moving!  It's a bit claustrophobic.  Well, after a bit, you arrive on the other end, the door opens and you drive out.  Sounds rather innocuous, but I have to say it was so strange a sensation that I made one of the passengers hold my hand while I shrilled and shrieked.

There you have it - a brand new experience in Korea!

Try this link to see a picture and learn more.

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