Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mary Shelley meets Shakespeare

I've written two sonnets recently.  This was an assignment given to my seniors, and as you may know, I enjoy writing the creative writing assignments that I assign.  We had recently finished reading and studying Mary Shelley's Frankenstein AND had completed a brief study of sonnets.  You may recall from high school that a sonnet is a 14-line poem with a set rhyme scheme and patterned rhythm of iambic pentameter (essentially 5 pulses per line).  I've challenged my students to post their work on their blogs or Facebook accounts and accrue the most hits or "likes" as a class.  The class with the most wins!  Here's my contribution.

Dr. Frankenstein’s Lament

When I beheld its yellow eye my heart
began to shake. I’d never known my deed
of science, Lord, was such a failing art!
And so I ran away from it full speed.
While nature sang its happy tune for joy,
It ravaged any joy I’d ever seen.
It first decided William to destroy;
Then to my horror fell my dear Justine.
Its vengeance stole my dear Elizabeth -
But just when I refused to make a mate.
Now, all my friends and fam’ly lie in Death,
And I’m alone to fester and to hate.
But at my back I hear another voice
Whisper I should have made another choice.

The Monster’s Reply

When I beheld your intense eyes and corps,
At first I wondered if you’re flesh and bone.
But once I rose, you ran straight out the door,
And I was left to travel life alone.
At first I saved a girl from waters rank
in hopes that my good deeds would make me loved.
But her papa just chased me from the bank
And evil in mankind he wondrous proved.
Again I thought I’d try to join the world
So wood I brought to my dear cottagers.
But kindness brought to me no sought reward,
When “beast” they cried to all the villagers.
And so that voice you hear behind your back
Is just my whisper prior to my attack.

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