Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ode to the DiscoverYourSeoul Wiki

This is a wiki specific to our school for both staff, arriving staff, and visitors.  Feel free to visit the wiki after reading my ode!  (Note:  Text in the poem is all exact quotes from the wiki.)

Ode to the DiscoverYourSeoul wiki
(click on the link to see the wiki!)

Since your inception less than 2 years ago, you’ve had 5,265 visits
(The revolvermap tells me so)
Before your existence, how did we ever figure out things like how to take a bus, train, or taxi or 
where to buy stuff from
stuff about airports?
But now you do exist!
Thank goodness.
And what do you have to say?
Much. . . 
Here is a sampling:
Index of recipes - 
Awesome arros con pollo, birthday lasagna, 
Cassie curry, Coconut-carrot Sombel, 
Early’s Pistachio cookies, Aysem’s Homemade cheese, 
Sinful Salmon Salad
From Apartment Living Guides
Are you experiencing mold on your walls, or condensation on your windows? 
Radiant heating does not allow for air circulation which can trap heat in your house. 
Just leave a window a crack open.
Gas: You will have some from all the kimchi eating but also be aware that your stove will be Gas.
Be ready to either air dry your clothes in apartment OR you could dry them at school.
Soft bed?  HA!  Not here. . . 
about Furniture
You will be surprised at some of the things you will find in the recycling once a week.
 (We call it Free Mart!)
on Beer Making Supplies:
Perhaps the best things that can be said about Korean beer is that is generally tasteless and imported beer is too expensive. Rather than complain about the situation I have decided to just make my own beer.
on Living in the dong
“Meet our Mascot - Woomi the Squirrel”
You a man? You take a Size 44(European)/11(US) shoe? 
You are going to have a hard time because in Korea that makes you a freak! 
Pack your shoes and socks if you fit this bill! 
There may also be a job awaiting you in the circus.
Yes, it's possible to drive in Korea. 
Cars are cheap (really cheap!) and it's not that bad driving here. 
(The "stoptional" red lights do take a bit of getting used to!)
On Internet TV Channels
The cool thing about Veetle, is you can watch in HD, 
download and even create your own channel. 
My favourite was the one where someone set up a video camera for their aquarium. Sort of cool, mellow idea, by trouble was, 
the aquarium was 2/3's empty and no fish.
And then there’s games to waste lots of time: 
This page is dedicated to everyone in the Admin Team!
“Take it down”:Your little construction worker is trapped on the buildings. 
Demolish these rickety structures without hurting the hard hat or touching other structures as you demolish the building 1 piece at a time! 
This is for fans of Jenga!
And last but not least: Ordering Wine
If you enjoy a little vino, then this page will make you happy. 
If you don't enjoy wine, stop reading and move on to a different part of the wiki.
Yes, DiscoverYourSeoul, I salute you!
As they say in Wicked, “I don’t know if I’ve been changed for the better, but I have been changed for good.”

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