Thursday, September 8, 2011

Burger King - Finally.

There's something about Burger King that
sucks you in.
Is it the fries?
The Whoppers?
The "have-it-your-way" slogan?
Perhaps it's the grease
the hard chairs
the charcoal scent wafting through the restaurant.
Today it called to us.
Just 1 further subway stop;
We had time enough to sneak off and get
take out.

We waited patiently to arrive at home before
savoring the bun-meat-mayo-lettuce-pickle-ketchup combo

Sohyeon to Miguem by subway
Migeum to Goodmorning Hill by bus 17


But, wait!
Where is the Take-out bag?
The take-out bag with 2 burgers, 2 fries, 1 orange and 1 Coke Zero?
     The bus.

And so we waited some more
for 8018 to make it's rounds and return on the opposite queue.
Just 10 minutes more
Okay, 12 minutes more.

I hop on, flash "lost item" to the bus driver on my cellphone and
pick up the familiar brown bag on a back seat
just where we left it.
That's Korea.  Nothing stolen.
Just flavorful goodness awaiting my return
and a little warmup from the microwave.

Ah! Burger King.


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  1. I admire your willpower Brenda! Just reading the story made my mouth water, so I am not sure how you made it that far without eating them. Glad to know it was right where you left it. Last night as we walked to your place to watch the game, we passed by the back of one of the markets and I found a 10,000 won on the sidewalk. It was a bit wet so it must have been there for awhile. I picked it up and put it on a plastic crate as I figured the rightful owner might be back just like you!


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