Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I might seem weird. I'm sorry.

We're heading back to Wisconsin in a few days.  We're very excited.  It will be our first time back in 11 months.  My more experienced friends have been telling me what to expect.  It sounds like I might seem weird to you, due to culture shock and all.  So here's a list of the "Top 10 Weird Things I Might Do" so don't be surprised.

Top 10:

#10 - I might bow to people, instead of shaking a hand.
#9 - I might use two hands to take or give something to you.
#8 - I don't speak to strangers (not even small talk).  This includes cashiers and waiters.
#7 - I might get sensory overload hearing others conversations around me in English.  (It's easy to tune out people speaking a language you don't know).
#6 - I might look up a lot, expecting at least 6 stories to every building.
#5 - I won't know how to drive a car (sorry Mom and Dad, I'll do my best.)
#4 - I may stand closer to people and may bump into them without saying excuse me.
#3 - I might complain that sweet things taste "too sweet".
#2 - American dollars look like monopoly money to me.
and the number 1 weird thing I might do is. . .
#1 - I might say 'hello', 'goodbye' or 'thank you' in Korean!

Soon.  Very soon. . .

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