Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thinking of Home!

Just a bit over two months remain and our minds are more and more on coming home to Wisconsin. We're missing family and friends but trying to keep our minds on the day-to-day needs. We're anxious to sit on the back deck with family, friends, or old neighbors taking in the sunshine while the kids play and just talking about every day matters. How I miss a backyard and a deck with a grill. I need a grill!

Dad's been spiffying up the cabin for our return, even going so far as to get air conditioning installed prior to our arrival. Thanks, Dad!

I've been telling people that Brent will be comatose within the first week from overdosing on steak. We just don't get big portions of meat here - especially beef. And the beef that we do get is from Australia. Sorry, Australia, but your beef isn't as good as USDA. I'm anxious for some great pizza and Seroogy's Chocolate!

On the home front, we've been enjoying further exploration of the city of Seoul and what it has to offer. Now that the weather is nicer, we're heading out again. We went to the zoo found at Seoul Grand Park. The grounds are extensive - reminded me somewhat of the Miami Zoo. Anyhow, the highlight was a polar bear that totally entertained the crowd with his water antics - including standing on his "hands" in the water and sticking his back paws up in the air. He did this at least 6 times for our amusement (and his own, no doubt).

If you'd like to see us when we are back to the mid-west, leave a message on Facebook or leave a message here. It's easy to do and requires no sign-ups!

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