Friday, January 28, 2011

Go Pack Go! (a poem)

Go Pack Go!

Here at KIS say
“The Packers”
and see what you get -

quizzical looks
shrugged shoulders
blank stares

but where I’m from say
“The Packers”
and fans will bust out into
chants of “Go Pack Go!”

The Packers are
“America’s Team”
“The Green and Gold”
from “the Frozen Tundra”

The Packers are  12-time World Champions
and Superbowl Champions
 ’66, ’67, ’96
NFC Champions 2010
and Superbowl Con-ten-dahs!

Just you wait and see!
By February 6th the world will know
the Green Bay Packers
once again!
Superbowl XLV

Go Pack Go!

by B.

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