Saturday, May 1, 2010


The morning began with a milelong walk with the family in the YMCA Healthy Kids Day walk held at Shopko Hall (directly across from the Packer's Lambeau Field). We first walked to the walk from our house. The Walk itself was wonderful and the first one for the kids (at 6 and 9) - first milestone.

It was refreshing to go to a kid's event that didn't end in a bagful of candy (it would be ironic at a Healthy Kids event, no?) Nonetheless, Anna had a stellar day. First, she made it to the top of the climbing wall for the first time - milestone. Then she tried some juggling techniques for the first time - milestone. Then she won a Disney Radio hoola hoop contest against several other kids, even some older than she - milestone. Alec had his share of fun, as well. Three hours later we returned home.

Before the afternoon was over, I had acquiesced to Anna's most recent pleas. . . to get her ears pierced. Ah! Here is the biggest milestone of all. Next to a tatoo at 18, isn't the permanent disfiguration of your earlobes the biggest moment of a young girls' life? We rode our bikes to the mall. She chose the blue daisy earrings at Claire's. She was so ready that she never waivered in her resolve. The way it's done nowadays there's no numbing of the earlobe, just an instantaneous insertion of the earring through the lobe by a stapler-like device that apparently feels "like a pinch." With two practicioners, both ears were done simultaneously. Over before you know it and no tears. We celebrated with free samples of chocolate at Seroogy's and rode our bikes home. The sky was blue. The sun was hot. And all was right with the world.

The day concluded with a mother-daughter trip to Cabaret Night to see high school kids perform in three different venues. I knew Anna would appreciate the art show, which she did. We listened to vocals and guitar, girls' choir, piano, brass quartet, and jazz combo (while eating chocolate covered strawberries). My favorite was the fencing demonstration in the auditorium.

Will there ever again be a day that I can say I've seen my daughter climb a "rock" wall, win a hoola hoop contest, juggle, get her ears pierced, and eat three chocolate strawberries for a $1? I doubt it.


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